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3:30-4:00pm  | Registration

Magnolia Room

4:00-4:15pm  | Welcome and Presidential Address

Student Government President Margaret Mulkerrin

4:20-5:20pm  | Break Out Session I

Workshop: Exploring partnership models among student leaders

Facilitators: Maggie Chotas and Betsy Polk, Mulberry Partners

Featuring: Marchel Ebron and Emma Northcott, organizers of the Fall 2014 Town Hall; and Emma Dolson and Blythe Riggan, Wake Forest Rowing Club

Magnolia Room

Workshop: What are your leadership values?

Facilitator: Melissa Clodfelter, Professional Development Center

Autumn Room

5:25-6:25pm   |  Break Out Session II

Alumni Panel

Featuring recent graduates reflecting on their transitions from being student leaders to young professionals, including lessons learned, challenges, and successes both planned and unexpected.

Magnolia Room

Workshop: From self-reflection to leadership practice 

Facilitators: Paige Meltzer and Rob Powell, Women’s Center

Autumn Room

6:30-7:15pm  |  Dinner

Keynote Address: “Reflections on women in partnership”

Maggie Chotas and Betsy Polk, Mulberry Partners, authors of Power through Partnership: How Women Lead Better Together

Magnolia Room