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CHARGE! Wake Emerging Leaders
A foundational leadership program for first year and sophomore students. As part of the 10-week program students take various personal inventories and assessments, participate in small group action planning, attend a weekend retreat, and learn from campus and community leaders. CHARGE is Wake Forest’s flagship program for student leadership development. Over the years many of the CHARGE student group proposals have been the catalyst for positive and concrete change at Wake Forest. If interested, contact Mike Ford (

Carpe Deacon
Carpe Deacon is a leadership certificate program for sophomore and junior students.  It is grounded in identity development, leadership, and education theory.  Carpe Deacon consists of experiences, seminars and workshops which are subdivided into six categories.  The categories include:  well-begin, cultural competency, leadership theory and practice, communication, leadership in action, as well as ethics and values.  Students self-select experiences, seminars and workshops through an on-line platform, and are able to track their progress through the same platform.  Participants have four semester to complete a minimum of three seminars/workshops in each of the six categories.  The experience culminates in the awarding of a leadership certificate, with the goal of infusing student clubs and organizations with highly skilled student leaders.  A new cohort of participants is select each semester.  Faculty and staff members nominate students and the nominated students are invited to apply to the program.  If interested, contact Candice Johnston, Associate Director of Student Leadership and Organizations, (

Individual Mentoring/Advising (Leadership Enhancement)
We provide personal mentoring and advising for student leaders and students aspiring to be student leaders on an as needed/desired basis. If interested, contact Candice Johnston, Associate Director of Student Leadership and Organizations, (

Leadership Blog (Student Leader of the Week, information)
The Leadership Blog provides regular messages for students on how to be a successful leader and to grow as an individual. Each month we provide reviews of important books for students and student leaders with a brief synopsis of each. In addition, we share stories and leadership dilemmas for students to consider.

Leadership Laureates
A new initiative designed to provide students with the opportunity to explore leadership from a global perspective. The program, which leverages co-curricular activities in tandem with a curricular component, facilitates deeper exploration of service and international studies. The Leadership Laureates Program is open to students in their first or second year at Wake Forest. The program includes an orientation, courses in service and cultural competency, points for involvement, and a capstone project. If interested, contact Marianne Magjuka (

The Social Action Collaborative: (ACC Leadership Conference)
The Collaborative develops students who will integrate knowledge of the local community, a commitment to social justice, and key leadership practices, in order to become social change agents. Students apply to the year-long program in September and present final projects in April. If interested, contact Marianne Magjuka ( or Candice Johnston (

Standing in the Gap:  a Biblical perspective on servant leadership.
During this eight-week study participants read scripture, engage in reflection, actively participate in group discussion, and undertake a service project, large or small. Methodology includes weekly readings and required journaling, weekly speakers, small group discussions, and large group sharing. If interested, contact Mike Ford (

Totally Responsible Person Training (TRP ©)
This internationally used program, which was developed in Winston-Salem, emphasizes personal responsibility and the destructiveness of victim thinking. Shows students how to release their inner victim, develop resilience, and accept accountability for their thoughts, actions, and behaviors. If interested, contact Candice Johnston (