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Leadership Development Tools

The DiSC Classic
Participating students take an online personal profile system personality test that helps them understand behavioral strengths and challenges in themselves and in others. Our staff facilitators utilize exercises and activities that help students discover how to use DiSC to improve personal and organizational effectiveness. If interested, contact Steve Hirst (

EQ for YOU!
Participating students take an online inventory of emotionally intelligent leadership skills. The inventory is built on the three facets and twenty-one capacities of emotionally intelligent leadership and helps students to uncover their own emotionally intelligent leadership skills. Our staff facilitators provide guidance for further personal growth and development. If interested, contact Candice Johnston (

Leadership Check-Up
Participating students take the leadership assessment designed specifically for students and young people. This tool helps students and young people measure their leadership competencies and our staff facilitators guide them through the process of applying leadership practices in their daily lives. If interested, please visit (insert weblink when available).

Participating students take an online assessment that helps them to discover, develop, and apply their strengths in student organizations, leadership roles, and professional development. A customized report is prepared for each student who takes the assessment and our staff facilitators provide additional exercises that apply results to real life scenarios. If interested, contact Steve Hirst (

This assessment tool measures psychological preference in how people perceive the world, make decisions, and reach conclusions. Our facilitation of the inventory provides a framework for understanding individual differences and provides a dynamic model of individual development. If interested, contact Steve Hirst (